Spa Pedicure in Brooklyn


What makes a spa pedicure in Brooklyn special?

There are many types of pedicures to choose from, each with different services and end results. If you want the absolute best pedicure you’ve ever had, our spa pedicure in Brooklyn is the perfect option for you. A spa pedicure is a full-service option that really pampers your feet, leaving them looking and feeling better than you could imagine. Our spa professionals will really go all out in taking care of your feet so you are completely relaxed, and love the end results.

Pedicure price

Classic Pedicure - $30 

French Pedicure - $30 

Spa | Machine pedicure - $45 

Paraffin Treatment for feet - $20 

Shellac Pedicure - $40 

Design nails (each) - $3 

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All Pedicure Services

The spa pedicure in Brooklyn is the most comprehensive pedicure service we offer. It includes a full range of services that begins with a warm whirlpool bath for your feet, and continues with exfoliation, nail care, trimming of cuticles and toenails, a great massage, and of course, the nail polish. Your feet will be completely pampered so that you can relax and enjoy the entire experience. This process will also leave them looking great so you can confidently go out in sandals, or barefoot, without any worries at all.

Choose Your Colors

The spa pedicure includes a full polish and coloring for your toenails, so make sure you think about what color you would like. We have hundreds of options to choose from, so at least having a general shade idea is a great place to start. At the end of your pedicure, we’ll polish and paint your nails so they look absolutely adorable.

Salon-Quality Products

No matter what services you are getting, you always want to have the highest quality products used, especially when they are being applied to your body. When we give our clients a spa pedicure, we choose the best oils, cleansers, nail care products, and more to ensure you absolutely love the results. When you are done with this experience you will find that your feet are softer and more comfortable than you would have ever believed possible.

Relaxing Foot Massage

For many people, the relaxing foot massage is the best part of a spa pedicure. We’ll use the finest oils and other products to really rub your feet in such a way as you will feel like you are sinking into our spa chair and drifting off. Our team has gone through extensive training, and is very experienced, at providing you with the best foot massage of your life. This is a perfect compliment to a great pedicure and will have you wishing it would never end.

Book Your Spa Pedicure Today

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We can make an appointment for you to come in and enjoy this service, or we also accept group events where we can provide you and your friends or family with a great experience that you can enjoy together. We can also book other great spa packages in addition to a pedicure, so you can enjoy a great day at the spa.