Shellac Manicure in Brooklyn

Shellac Manicure Brooklyn

For silky smooth nails, a shellac manicure in Brooklyn is truly your best option. Getting your nails done is something that most women really enjoy. The problem, however, is that if you use at home products, or low-quality salon products, the nails end up chipping after just a few days. For those who want great looking nails that will last at least two weeks, a shellac manicure is the perfect solution. Shellac manicures in Brooklyn use special products that are much stronger than just using paint alone. This allows your nails to look their best for a lot longer than would otherwise be possible.

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Choose Your Favorite Color

When getting a shellac manicure, you can choose from a wide variety of different colors. Whether you are looking to match a dress, choose a color for the season, or just want your nails to match your personality, this is a great option to have. Once you choose the color you want, just let our salon professionals know and we’ll take it from there. At the end of your shellac manicure, you will place your nails comfortably under a special UV light that will dry the nails quickly, and leave them strong so they will be able to stand up to your everyday activities.

Nails You’ll Love to Touch

If you’ve ever had your nails professionally done, you know that incredibly smooth feel that nails have after being properly painted and sealed. Some gel products that are made to strengthen nails do make them stronger, but also leave them feeling rough and unpleasant. With a shellac manicure, your nails will be perfectly smooth and a true joy to touch. On top of that, your nails are far less likely to chip or break, so they will keep looking perfect far longer than would otherwise be possible.

Safe to Use

Some people worry about getting a shellac manicure because they believe the products contain harsh chemicals that can cause health issues. The latest professional products, however, no longer contain methyl pyrrolidone, which was the major concern that people have. You can now enjoy this great type of manicure without worrying about potentially dangerous chemicals being absorbed into your skin.

Relaxing & Enjoyable

Part of any manicure, including a shellac manicure in Brooklyn, will be having your hands fully cared for. We can rub them down, remove non-living skin, and shape your nails to make them perfect. In addition to helping your nails look their best, this process is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. For many women, getting a manicure is a great way to pamper themselves after a long week or a great way to ensure they are energized and ready to go for a fun weekend.

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