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Decoration for the bride

Hairstyle and makeup for a bride to be simple and stylish, chosen not only to face, but the style and dress. Wedding hairstyles, wedding makeup, along with often radically different from the everyday image. Choose a wedding hairstyle itself is undesirable, it is best to seek the assistance of wedding make-up stylist who can give a lot of useful tips for creating the entire image, especially on wedding hair and makeup. The duties of a wedding make-up stylist is knowledge of trends in wedding fashion and style, the right choice based on your facial features and body, so when you first look at the bride-practitioner master can immediately determine what kind of makeup and hairstyle will suit you. Hairstyle more often depending on the model dresses and even style of the event.

For example, if the couple wants to make a wedding in the style of 20s Chicago, then, of course, and details of the toilet, dress, hairstyle and wedding make-up will be consistent with this holiday. In addition, I will say, if you have a simple and neat attire, do not always have to be a haircut, so as not to become too strict and prim in his bride. You can add your image elaborate hairstyles using a variety of jewelry and accessories. If the dress is contrary to a lot of detail, complex cut, lace, and ruffles, the wedding hairstyle is best to choose a simple style, without the unnecessary elements and complex weave. To create a wedding hairstyle should take into account length and hair texture, color is also very important, which can go from a choice of wedding hairstyles.

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Many types of hair look nice on light and Streaked hair, so as better to highlight even the smallest details in the wedding hairstyle. It is necessary to consider a girl with dark hair, whose choice depends precisely on the hair color. Such a bride, looking catalogs of works of masters, mistakenly choose this hairstyle, suitable more for blondes. On dark hair, all the little details will be merged, and the hair will not look the same as on the blonde hair. In this case, it is preferable to choose hairstyles for brunettes, with large parts and clean lines, as well on dark hair is very good looking bridal jewelry and accessories with pearls and rhinestones bright colors, they can drastically affect the entire component of wedding hairstyles.

In addition, some tips for choosing wedding hairstyles and makeup.

  • When you create a wedding hairstyle, consider your height and build. If a girl is high, it is better to abandon the lush, high hair, can make the hair on his head, to dissolve the hair, to make the tail, braid or bun.
  • If you have large features do not make hair smooth, better, put your hair big curls. To fit a round face side parting, he visually lengthens your face shape, hairdo better elevated to the back, so we also strengthen the effect of a long face.
  • In order to visually shorten the face, choose a wedding hairstyle with curls and bangs to her eyebrows. In the makeup to adhere better to a calm natural range from beige, chocolate, pastel shades for eyes, peach or pink blush and soft sheen on the lips.

There are exceptions to the rule.

For brunettes and vibrant, if your toilet can, for example, a red dress, the decor can experiment with bright and even garish detail in wedding makeup, it's color or shade of bright lips. You can also add items to more chic jewelry, lashes to give a better view or a fox cunning, and for the more adventurous - use the decoration of the eye with rhinestones and feathers elements of face-art. For greater certainty in the correctness of the choice of wedding hairstyles and makeup conduct a rehearsal with your stylist, makeup artist wedding. But do not look at what a stylist on your wedding day will repeat all just a hair to a hair.

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It is practically very difficult, and work is so creative that the master may make amendments to the rehearsed way. This should not be scared, because most of the wedding day image might look good than to rehearsals, but the meaning will be what you have created. I wish you inspiration in creating your unique image and hopefully, some tips will help you to implement your ideas.


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