Permanent Make up

Permanent make up

Permanent makeup price

Beauty Mark - $60 

Lips Full - $350 

Eyebrows - $350 

Eye Top & Bottom - $390 

Eyes Top - $300 

Eyes Bottom - $150 

Camouflage - $100 

The method of tattooing eyebrows, eyes, lips, or based on the same principles as the application of conventional tattoos. However, there are significant differences. Permanent makeup (tattoo) is applied using special equipment, and the needle only affects the top layer of skin. Therefore, the operation for applying permanent make-up is almost painless, and the permanent makeup can be relatively easy to remove - it is natural, too, with the help of special equipment.

Under natural conditions, permanent makeup is not washed off and does not tarnish. Pigment injected under the skin in a permanent tattoo, stored indefinitely.

To book your permanent makeup, please call us at 347-554-8108.

Envision an early morning routine sans the tedious application of makeup. Do not fret, this can become reality! Conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn, one of the many treatments GP offers is permanent makeup; our specialty to be exact! This procedure is extremely efficient and safe.

Personalization has always been a fundamental principle at Green Planet; the permanent makeup treatment starts off with a complimentary consultation customizing the look you are gearing towards. Areas of interest include eyebrow, eyeliner, lip liner, and even beauty marks!