Ombre is the most popular hair color technique nowadays. Color is darker at the roots and then gradually gets lighter from the mid hair to the ends.

Ombre process

The process takes approximately   2-3 hours, hair tone last  up to  5 weeks before the hair needs to be refreshed with toner but it will grow out naturally. Ombre is a very good decision for people who don’t have time to spend at salon every 3 weeks, all they need to do is to come for a quick touch up (toner) which usually takes no more than 30 minutes.

Our hair stylists are using newest techniques to achieve desirable results, since they are always improving  their professional skills by taking classes with world famous stylist and companies such as Vladimir Sarbashev, Wella Studio, Hair Sekta, Olaplex company, Sassoon academy etc. You don’t have to worry about condition of your hair as well since we are using only professional color and  products including Brazilian Bond Builder , Olaplex which will safe your hair from bleaching process.

Ombre hair price range

 Ombre 180-280$$ (depends on hair density and desired color level)

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