Swedish Massage in Brooklyn

Swedish massage is a powerful psychotherapeutic tool, leading to complete relaxation, relaxation, relieve mental and emotional effects of stress, recovery stress and depression.

Swedish massage is used for medical purposes, is the system of the Swedish medical P. Ling (1776-1831 gg.) Used in their practice of massage techniques of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. With this technique, massage is performed on paravertebrally zones, or, more simply, the nerve endings. Particularly shows this type of massage for people who have had surgery, intense fear, stress.

The main methods of techniques - stroking and rubbing, and most of the time in a massage at the Swedish system is given grinding (60-70%). Through this method, muscle and nervous-vascular bundles are stretched but also reduces compaction in the tissues.

A few minutes after the start of a session of Swedish massage client falls into a state of bliss, and yet after a while sinking into a pleasant slumber, passes into sleep. After the procedure, the patient feels fully rested, to recuperate, he disappears state of discomfort and stiffness.

Unlike many types of massage, the effect can be amplified music, Swedish massage is done in complete silence, even though the client can be very quiet music. You don’t have to go far for a Swedish Massage in Brooklyn.

Swedish massage is contraindicated in bleeding, acute inflammation, blood diseases, skin diseases, neoplasms, tumors, varicose veins, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, diseases of the abdominal cavity during menstruation and pregnancy, gallstones and kidney, influenza, SARS, flu.

Deep tissue massage in Brooklyn 

This massage is recommended for deep relaxation. It is particularly suited to athletes, skiers, people engaged in vigorous physical activity. It is a slow powerful massagecombined with deep breathing, it is designed to relieve tension accumulated in the deep layers of muscle and connective tissues of the body. Massage therapist focuses on the "sandwiched" painful areas, and slow to respond to the muscle by muscle, getting to the deeper layers of muscle tissue and weakening it. Enjoy a Deep Tissue Massage in Brooklyn today.

Lymphatic Drainage in Brooklyn

The lymphatic system is a system that runs throughout your body. It is made up of thin tubes called lymph vessels, and then small oval-shaped organs, which are called lymph nodes. The lymph nodes collect the fluid and filter it. As blood flows through your body a fluid called plasma leaks out from all the blood vessels, which then mixes with interstitial fluids and water. This then surrounds cells in different tissues throughout the body. The fluid essentially acts as food for the cells, and also help to boost immunity and remove waste from the cells. This process is critical for health, and if there is a problem with the lymphatic system, it can be very serious. 

Many people will notice that when they are sick, their lymph nodes become swollen. This is because they are becoming filled with the fluid that needs to have contaminants filtered out and eliminated from the body. If a lymph node becomes damaged, clogged, or otherwise has issues, the fluid can’t move away quickly enough. This can cause serious problems, including a hardening of the muscle tissue, the skin, and even a loss of movement in the area surrounding the node.

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Swedish Massage - $100 

Deep Tissue Massage - $120 

Lymphodrainage (Weight Loss Therapy) - $140 

Scrubbing - $80 

Scrubbing & Massage - $150