Lashes / eyebrows

Lashes / eyebrows

Eyelashes Extensions in Brooklyn

Having longer and fuller eyelashes is something that millions of people wish for. While there isn’t much you can do to help them grow longer or fuller, there is a lot that can be done to give yourself the look you’ve always dreamed of. One option is to use a high-quality mascara, which can help to make your existing lashes look their best. This, however, can be quite a chore to complete every morning, and if you are in the rain or crying, it can leave quite a mess. 

For a more convenient, and better-looking result, you will want to consider eyelashes extensions in Brooklyn. The lash extensions that we offer here at Green Planet Salon & Spa aren’t those cheap dollar store stick-ones that really don’t look natural at all. Instead, we use professional quality eyelashes extensions, and they are applied by our experienced salon experts. The end result is a more natural looking set of eyelashes that you can really be proud of. We can help make your lashes look better than ever.

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Eyelash Tinting in Brooklyn

Have you tried eyelash tinting in Brooklyn? For many people who aren’t happy with the look of their eyelashes, the issue isn’t as much the length or fullness, but rather the coloring. This is why mascara is so popular. It can help to darken the lashes so they appear fuller and longer too. If you’re tired of applying mascara every day, or just want to have a darker base to start from, eyelash tinting in Brooklyn may be the perfect solution for you. Here at Green Planet Salon & Spa, we offer safe and effective tinting for both eyelashes and eyebrows. When done, you’ll have a long-lasting look that you will absolutely love.

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Eyebrows Tinting in Brooklyn

Is eyebrow tinting the right solution for light eyebrows that can barely be seen?

Applying makeup every morning can help to give you better-looking eyebrows, but that is still annoying and can get very expensive over time. On top of that, if it rains or you smudge it improperly, you can look silly until you get to a place where it can be fixed. For more and more women in Brooklyn, eyebrow tinting is a great solution to this problem.

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Eyebrow Shaping in Brooklyn

Eyebrow shaping is a great way to stop having to constantly pluck and wax your own eyebrows just to get them to be the shape you want? What’s worse is if your accident removes the wrong ones and then you are stuck with an unfortunate look that can last for weeks. Rather than deal with this, why not allow a professional at our salon shape your eyebrows to perfection. Our experienced salon staff will work with you to understand the exact look you are going for, and then make sure you have it right away. 

We use only the top-quality products on the market today so you can be confident that not only will your eyebrows be shaped just the way you want them, but also that the surrounding skin will be strong and healthy. Whether you are just looking for a one-time eyebrow shaping in Brooklyn for a special event, or you would like us to help you with ongoing shaping, our team is ready to serve. Take a moment to learn more about our eyebrow shaping options, and then get in touch with us to make an appointment soon.

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Eyelashes Extension - $150 

Eyelashes Correction - $75 

Eyelash Tinting - $10 

Eyebrows Shaping - $10 

Eyebrows Tinting - $10