Facial treatments

Facial treatments

European Facial in Brooklyn

Have you ever tried a European facial?

If you want to look your best, you need to really take care of your skin, and especially the skin on your face. One of the best things you can do to accomplish that is to get a European facial in Brooklyn. Here at Green Planet Salon & Spa, we offer the best quality facials that will help to remove dead skin and leave your face clean and healthy. This type of facial is also often called a deep cleansing facial because it really gets down into your pores to pull out any contaminants or blockages that can make your skin look dull or wrinkled.

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Acne Facials in Brooklyn

An acne facial treatment is a great option for getting cleaner, clearer skin. If you are like most people who struggle with acne, you’ve likely tried a variety of different skin clearing products, with little success. Most products on the market don’t really work because they fail to get to the root of the problem. Some of them just work to dry out your skin, which can introduce a variety of other problems. Others wash off the surface of the skin nicely, but really don’t help to clear out your pores at all. When you get an acne facial here in Brooklyn, however, you will find that your skin is left softer and smoother than ever before, and your pores are left clean, which helps to discourage future pimples from forming.

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Lymphatic Drainage in Brooklyn

The lymphatic system is a system that runs throughout your body. It is made up of thin tubes called lymph vessels, and then small oval-shaped organs, which are called lymph nodes. The lymph nodes collect the fluid and filter it. As blood flows through your body a fluid called plasma leaks out from all the blood vessels, which then mixes with interstitial fluids and water. This then surrounds cells in different tissues throughout the body. The fluid essentially acts as food for the cells, and also help to boost immunity and remove waste from the cells. This process is critical for health, and if there is a problem with the lymphatic system, it can be very serious. 

Many people will notice that when they are sick, their lymph nodes become swollen. This is because they are becoming filled with the fluid that needs to have contaminants filtered out and eliminated from the body. If a lymph node becomes damaged, clogged, or otherwise has issues, the fluid can’t move away quickly enough. This can cause serious problems, including hardening of the muscle tissue, the skin, and even a loss of movement in the area surrounding the node.

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Microdermabrasion in Brooklyn

A microdermabrasion treatment in Brooklyn is a great way to help get your skin to look its best. This type of treatment works by using minimally abrasive instruments that will gently scrape away the very top layer of skin. While this can sound scary at first, it is actually a proven safe and effective way to get rid of the dead and dying skin so that the healthy strong skin underneath can emerge and look its best. It is true that this treatment is basically scraping off the layer of skin, it typically doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, many people comment on how good it feels, and how great they look when it is done. 


European Facial - $100

Image Signature - $150 

Hydradermie Lifting - $150 

Acne Escape - $140

Microdermabrasion Treatment (30 min) - $65 

Galvanic Treatment (30 min) - $65