Air touch and hand touch in salon Brooklyn NY

air touch hair coloring in Brooklyn New York

Hand Touch 

Hand Touch is one the newest techniques in hair coloring introduced in 2018. It is another kind of hair color stretching with some important advantages. First and foremost, it takes only 3 or 4 hours to dye hair with this technique in contrast to the other ones when 6 or even 8 hours are needed. The main principle is that we take wide strands in the lower part of hair and the strands become gradually narrower moving to the top. HandTouch combines elements of different coloring techniques and allows to achieve any effect you want from contrast coloring to stretching with soft highlights. It is suitable for any kind of hair, thin or thick, short or long, natural or dyed. It is an ideal option for those women with dark hair who want to become blonde, but are not ready to dye the roots monthly. Thanks to the smooth transition, correction may not be required for up to six months.

Hand Touch 350-800$ (depends on hair length and density)

Air Touch

AIRTOUCH technique- is unique in that it uses air,versus traditional teasing and backcoming,to achieve a seamless blend of color.To attain this result,hair is parted into fail ,as opposed to the freehand techniques that are used when creating balayage or ombre hair 
Airtouch is becoming a huge success because it is different than any other highlight or balayage technique out there.The key difference is sectioning,mostly diagonal sections,and the use of the blow dryer.

Air Touch 350-800$ (depends on hair length and density)

Air Touch is one of the gentlest hair coloring techniques which is becoming really widespread nowadays. The growing popularity of AirTouch has resulted from the women’s desire to look beautiful, but at the same time as natural as possible. AirTouch allows to reach this goal easily. It is suitable for any kind of hair, except the shortest ones. AirTouch takes care of your hair as only the individual strands of hair are dyed, not every hair as we used to do in the past. AirTouch combines elements of the well-known technique of highlights and a fundamentally new method when the hair is divided into single strands and part of them are blown with the hair dryer and dyed. Thus, only 30-50% of the initial volume is colored.