Nanomax Hair Treatment in Brooklyn

Nanomax Hair Treatment Brooklyn

If your hair is dry or damaged, the Nanomax hair treatment in Brooklyn may be the ideal solution. Most people today go through a number of different hair altering activities on a regular basis. Dying your hair, using heat treatments, and even just having a hair out in the contaminated environment can all cause serious damage. Some products are able to cover up some of the damage in the hair, none can actually repair it so that it is strong and healthy on its own. Until now. The Nanomax treatment option is a revolutionary new product that has can help to reverse the damage that is done to the modern woman’s (or men) hair.


Nanomax hair treatment /1 session - 130$

Nanomax hair treatment  /package of 3/ - 345$ 

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We offer Nanomax hair treatments in Brooklyn at Green Planet Salon & Spa. This type of treatment isn’t needed every day, but scheduling it as often as is recommended by your stylist can be a great way to keep your hair strong and healthy for many years. Read this page to learn more about what Nanomax hair treatments are, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

How Does Nanomax Work

Nanomax hair treatment is a permanent solution that is designed specifically to replace the keratin and moisture in the hair structure that was lost due to damage. The keratin is a protein that is found naturally in hair and needs to be there to keep the hair strong and healthy. This protein breaks down and is damaged over time naturally. In the past, this wasn’t a big deal sine hair would grow out, be cut, and new healthy hair would replace it. Today, however, the breakdown of the hair happens far more quickly thanks to the constant assault hair goes through. To help combat that damage, the Nanomax system is applied directly to the hair where it is able to sit and be absorbed.

The protein-enriched formula used for this product is electronically atomized, which creates a very fine mist. This mist contains billions of nano-molecules, which are applied to the hair using a ceramic and nanosilver-infused hairbrush. These tools were specifically designed for the Nanomax treatments. Negatively charged nano molecules will seek out a positively-charged area, which is what damaged parts of the hair are. Once they come into contact, they will facilitate the healing process by bringing the keratin proteins into the hair where it will remain. This allows for a long-term solution to damaged hair. Of course, over time the hair can become damaged again if there are continued colorings and other activities. When this happens, however, a second Nanomax treatment can be used.

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