Hair Lamination in Brooklyn

Hair Lamination Brooklyn

Hair lamination is a revolutionary hair treatment that is now available in Brooklyn. There are many products on the market that can help to repair damaged hair. When you go to the salon and have these products properly applied, they can really do a lot to help restore the beauty of your hair. While these options are excellent in some cases, the better solution is to avoid damaging your hair in the first place. This is possible today thanks to a process known as hair lamination. If you would like to try hair lamination in Brooklyn, Green Planet Salon & Spa is able to meet your needs. We have been offering this great service to our customers for quite a while now, and are very happy with the results. Our clients report that their hair stays stronger, they avoid split ends, and the feel of their hair remains nice and smooth far longer than would otherwise be possible.

Hair lamination 80-140$$ (depends on hair length and density)

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What Is Hair Lamination

Hair lamination is a process where the product is applied to your hair. This product is breathable microfilm that will protect your hair from all types of damage. In addition, it will increase the volume of your hair by 10-15% in most cases. After the hair lamination process is done, you’ll notice that your hair feels silky and smooth for six weeks or even more. This system is safe for your hair and can be repeated as often as is necessary based on how much damage your hair is exposed to, and other factors. Talking to a stylist is a great way to determine how often this type of treatment is needed.

Great for Any Hair Type

You can use hair lamination on your hair whether it is natural or colored. You can even use it to adjust the color of your hair as there are some options that double as a hair dye. Even if your hair is very damaged, to begin with, this treatment will serve to repair the existing damage, and then protect it for weeks at a time so you don’t struggle with damaged hair again. Whether you are having issues because you heat treat your hair, you are exposed to environmental hazards, you are constantly dying your hair, or any other reason, this product is a great solution for restoring and protecting your hair today and for years to come. The length of your hair, or how it is currently being styled, also don’t matter when it comes to this product. It can be applied to any type of hair, and you’ll get great results. The amount of time it takes to apply will, however, be longer when your hair is quite long. In most cases, this type of treatment only takes about a half hour, but talking to a salon professional is the best way to get a more accurate estimate on how long it will take in your specific case.

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