Eyelashes Extension in Brooklyn

Eyelashes Extension Brooklyn


Having longer and fuller eyelashes is something that millions of people wish for. While there isn’t much you can do to help them grow longer or fuller, there is a lot that can be done to give yourself the look you’ve always dreamed of. One option is to use a high-quality mascara, which can help to make your existing lashes look their best. This, however, can be quite a chore to complete every morning, and if you are in the rain or crying, it can leave quite a mess.

For a more convenient, and the better-looking result, you will want to consider eyelashes extensions in Brooklyn. The lash extensions that we offer here at Green Planet Salon & Spa aren’t those cheap dollar store stick-ones that really don’t look natural at all. Instead, we use professional quality eyelashes extensions, and they are applied by our experienced salon experts. The end result is a more natural looking set of eyelashes that you can really be proud of. We can help make your lashes look better than ever.

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Easier Applications

One of the things that people worry about when getting eyelashes extensions is how they will sit still with their eyes closed long enough for the salon professional to apply them. This is because some salons use lower quality eyelash extensions, or don’t know how to put them on properly. We have helped thousands of women with this procedure and can get it done more quickly, and more accurately, than other locations in Brooklyn. Even if you have tried eyelashes extensions from other places in the past and didn’t like them, you should give ours a true. We’re confident we can give you the look you desire without all the hassle.

Great Confidence Booster

Warning: Once people get eyelashes extensions, they often never want to go without them again. This is because they are such a simple way to give yourself a dramatically improved look, and boosted confidence. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. With this in mind, you want to make sure you are framing that window as perfectly as possible, and there is simply no better option than high-quality eyelashes extensions. Once they are applied, you will immediately notice just how great your eyes look.

With these great eyelash extensions, you can go out without any makeup on and still look amazing. Of course, you can also apply mascara or any other makeup that you desire to give yourself the perfect look that you’ve been going for. No matter what your personal style is, having luscious eyelashes will only serve to make it look that much better.

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Eyelash extension price

Eyelashes Extension - $150 

Eyelashes Correction - $75