Eyebrows Tinting in Brooklyn

Eyebrows Tinting


Is eyebrow tinting the right solution for light eyebrows that can barely be seen?

Applying makeup every morning can help to give you better looking eyebrows, but that is still annoying, and can get very expensive over time. On top of that, if it rains or you smudge it improperly, you can look silly until you get to a place where it can be fixed. For more and more women in Brooklyn, eyebrow tinting is a great solution to this problem.

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What Is Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is just what the name implies. You dye your eyebrows, so they are the perfect color for the look you desire. Most people choose either black or a dark brown for their eyebrow tinting, but you can also choose a color with a hint of blue, hazelnut, or anything else you can imagine. This will help your eyebrows to show nicely and give you the great look you desire. It is possible to do eyebrow tinting on your own at home, but it is not at all recommended, and that isn’t just because we are a professional salon. When tinting eyebrows, you are using strong dyes that can cause irritation to the eye if there is exposure. In addition, if you leave the dye on too long, or it isn’t mixed properly, it can cause skin irritation. On top of that, most store-bought eyebrow tinting kids don’t use great ingredients, which means they won’t last very long. Here at Green Planet Salon & Spa, we use the highest-quality products on the market and have them applied by experienced professionals to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last

This is a somewhat complicated question as it will vary from person to person. If you are asking about tinting that you do from a kit at home, the answer is going to be anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks if you are lucky. When you come to us and have salon quality products applied by a professional, most people will enjoy the tinting for one to two months. There are a number of factors that go into how long this type of tinting will last. How often you shower, and what types of makeup products you use can have quite an impact. The natural color of your eyebrows will also influence how long the tinting can last. Regardless of these factors, however, you’ll love the look you have after our tinting is done. In addition, the tinting won’t just suddenly disappear one day, but rather it eventually fade, and new eyebrow hairs will grow in. When you start to notice this, you simply schedule another appointment to have your eyebrows tinted again and you will be ready to go for months.

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