Bio Waving in Brooklyn

Bio Waving Brooklyn

Biowaves treatment /Green Length Mossa  wavie system gives amazingly results: frequent and strong curls.Mossa-a unique opportunity to get a natural,elastic,shiny curl without destructive factors. Technically a simple procedure, and as result-a persistent curl for up to 6 months, no discoloration,full preservation of the shine of the hair.

Bio Waving price  - $150-260$$

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Why are so many people choosing bio waving treatments in Brooklyn?

In the past, if you wanted to get curly hair your options were to either fire up the hair curler every morning, or to get a perm. While both of these options can be effective, they do have some major drawbacks. Hair curlers can burn and damage your hair, and it only lasts one day at the most. Perms may be long lasting, but they use harsh chemicals that can seriously damage your hair. Thanks to an Italian company, Mossa, there is now a better option. The bio waving products will leave your hair looking it's best and perfectly curled. This is all done without any ammonia or thioglycolic acid so it is much safer and easier to work with too! Bio waving in Brooklyn is very popular and provides our clients with the results they are looking for.


Great Long-Lasting Results

Bio waving will keep your hair curled for months at a time so you don’t have to constantly be battling for the look you want. The fact that this treatment can last for so long, but doesn’t have the many negative side-effects of a perm makes it an obvious choice for those who are looking for curly hair. In addition, many of our clients have said that they love that they can cut out a lot of the time that it takes to get ready each morning since their hair has a more natural looking curl.

No Harsh Chemicals

Most people today are learning about the potential dangers of constant exposure to harsh chemicals like ammonia and acids. No matter what type of impact exposure to these chemicals on the body as a whole, we know that they damage the hair quite significantly. This is another reason why people are so happy to choose a safer alternative without all the harsh chemicals. The ingredients in this treatment can actually leave your hair stronger and healthier than ever before.

Beautiful Curly Hair by Any Name

The bio wave hair treatment is growing in popularity for our Brooklyn customers, but it is also becoming quite well-known in locations around the world. This service is known by other names such as bio curling, permanent waving, and more. No matter what you want to call it, the results are going to be having beautiful hair with a great looking curl that you will absolutely love.

Contact Us with Questions

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One of our experienced stylists can talk with you about how this treatment works, how long it will take based on your hair type and anything else you need to know. You can also call that number to make an appointment to come enjoy this great service on its own, or along with other spa services such as nail care, massage, makeup, and skin care.

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